Everything is better

My work has helped me finance my game and my site for a whole year. So I want to talk about the next things for each topic. The site is the largest you would see, I translated it perfectly from Spanish to English. There are plans to translate it into many others. The new forum is ready and ready, no one should be censored or afraid to answer me anymore. The rules about it are simple, no bad words, no bullies and be nice to others. Anyone can email me at fanmail@unknowns-saga.com as well as elsewhere, but that also keeps you safe from spam bots.

Now to the game news, the money I earn from my work will be used to remake some characters. Next up is the iPhone update, I still want an iPhone SE and if I plan everything right I could get my games from the Apple Store. As for progress, volume 4 goes well with dark's story almost over. I will not translate the game or pay someone to translate it into English. I really meant it, if nobody likes my English versions than any of me. Someone will, I don't make my games locked or DRM.

This is officially my blog, Google knows it and many others will soon. It is completely made of Wix, the cookie bar and the annoying consent is to follow the laws of the EU. One last thing, I will find someone to make characters and the pay is between 20 and 50. I will hire someone next week or two weeks. This will only be for the pixel sprites, it will not be for the basic sprites you see in battle or on the text screen.

Until next time or next month.

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