Bluestacks 2020

I've been using Bluestacks for half

a year and I'm pretty sure this is the best emulator. I have tried Nox, Phoenix, Memu, Koplayer and Remix all the software had problems. Nox was blocked in many applications, Phoenix causes problems with the Google game, Memu is slow, Koplayer is not very secure, The Remix is dead.

Is Bluestacks faster?

Yes they are, I have two games that prove this theory. FGO (Fate Grand Order) and Honkai Impact 3rd. The FGO application has Unity Engine, the perfect test application because Unity Engine in the Android community is infamous for poor performance. Honkai Impact 3rd also uses the Unity engine but it takes a lot of ram! There are some applications with low specification but that doesn't make any differnce.

The Bluestacks executed the applications well, FGO will not synchronize, but this is a problem that the Fate community has been dealing with in recent years. Honkai Impact 3rd runs at 30 fps setting will do well with my 4GB laptop. A gaming PC or any computer with more than 4GB of RAM may have better installation applications.

An important difference is the ability to install FINAL FANTASY XV, It is possible that other emulators can install it; You will see a great delay in other emulators. Bluestacks has no problems running FINAL FANTASY XV


You can trust Bluestacks, I won a keyboard a while ago and that's what it looks like.

It came from China and it seems that it is personalized. The keyboard works like any keyboard but with more functions. They offer gift cards like Google Play or Amazon. It is possible to win by entering all places for a good opportunity. When I win, I enter the Amazon code in my account and save it until I can get a game computer. I'm not there yet, but soon, a $400 gaming laptop is better than my 4GB daily computer.

Once a week, they do drawings for someone to win a game computer. There has not been any real proof, but people claim they have obtained their computers.


Bluestacks is very compatible, every month there is a new update. Bluestacks is on Mac, you can play Android games on it. Currently only in beta but not too many problems. Many games that were blocked in other emulators are not blocked in Bluestacks. Fate GO is one of them, Magia Record and many more.


You can do the basic things like take a screenshot, a simulated location, BossKey, get it. What it does not do is record games, they eliminate it because the companies would block them. The good news is that you can use another recording program to record games. Some time ago an important thing was added, something that no other emulator offers, the ability to translate games!

The translation software is open source, it was in an article in but I can not find it. It is not the best translation, it is still much better than using your phone on the computer screen.

That is my opinion for Bluestacks, I will continue to use it. The Bluestacks story of sending data to China seems to have gone. They work a little with some Chinese company, that should not matter since they are doing the right thing.

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